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Love so deep only Freedom remains.

Tantra and the Sacred Sexual

It's every human being's birth right to experience the bliss of knowing "I am that, which I have always been seeking".

Working with the Sacred Sexual through Tantra and other practices can set us free from the prison sex can become and open doors to our Divine Selves.  In Tantra we become the God/Goddess.  Sex becomes a form of powerful loving worship that deepens and expands our pleasure into a sacred bliss.  Orgasm becomes more than a "pelvic sneeze" and can become a full body/full aura experience as we open and breathe.  I've experienced what seemed like an hour long orgasm working with my Tantrika and experienced peaks of rapture where I and the others with me became brilliant streaming light.  

You embody the Divine. It is not separate from you.  It waits within you only for your glance of recognition. The teachings of Tantra can open your body, mind and heart to the Bliss of Being and beyond.  Come embrace all of who you are and live each moment more fully through this sweetness of Being. I combine  ancient and modern techniques to help you bring your body, breath, feelings, beliefs, and heart back into natural harmony.

At the same time the taboos set by society and religion can turn sex and erotic energy into obsession and exploitation, locking us into using the other as a means to an end.  Locked in a state of lust and obsession we miss the joy of the shared experience with our partners as they become a possession or instrument.

Photo by Susan Singer

Photo by Susan Singer

Sex is our most natural springboard into ecstasy.  Bringing heart and spirit to sexual expression can transform it into worship of our Divinity while we embrace our earthly juiciness.   Our dynamic sexual energies can either free or imprison us.  We hold so much pleasure in our sexual center along with shame, pain and fear.  This natural and instinctual drive has been made wrong by religions and cultures for centuries.  We are alienated from our most natural form of pleasure and delight - our own bodies.  Shamed as children (and adults) for enjoying our bodies, we carry that shame often until we die.  We become rigid and withdrawn from life when our divine birthright to pleasure is severed.  We are robbed of Eros, our creative erotic life affirming power.  

"The Bliss Of It All" By Susan Singer 

My Tantric journey began in January 2008 in New Zealand with the Goddess Nakali during my All Love Retreat.  My first Tantra session initiated my body, heart and soul into an ancient sacred sexual tradition that filled me with divine orgasmic bliss.  It was a full body experience that merged deep pleasure with sweet sexual and personal healing. I released old wounds as I fell into the tender arms of the Goddess.  

What to expect during your session.

Clients are amazed at the depth of well-being they can achieve during their first Tantra session.    Each session is attuned to your specific spiritual and healing needs with clear safe boundaries established.

You will learn:

  • The history and basics of Tantra.
  • The power of your own breath.
  • How to move energy in your body.
  • How to sustain pleasure.

We have so much more capacity than we could ever imagine.  Tantra and The Sacred Sexual provides a doorway to your Expanded Being, awaiting those who wish to attain it.  Breath is the key.    It would be an honor to work with you in your explorations.  

My Temple awaits.

"Our Tantric studies were something divine, holy, a true gift of the Gods.  I am grateful beyond measure!" -SM

"I've never experienced anything like that before.  I was not me.  I was expanded beyond me.  Thank you!"  -CB