Love so deep only Freedom remains.

Body Beloved

For the majority of my life, I disliked my body. I was way too this or that. I didn't fit the Barbie Doll or Beauty Queen image that I had been taught I should aspire to.  After my 2008 All Love Tantra Retreat in New Zealand, I dropped my self-hatred and started seeing myself as beautiful and sexy just the way I was. This changed my life.  I no longer believed I wasn't good enough or skinny enough or whatever enough. I embraced me just the way I was without the negative image I had carried with me for so long. I continue to want to maintain and improve my health while loving my body and accepting the conditions I have. Truthfully, there are days I feel less beautiful than others and the aging process is humbling, but I always return to an embracing self love that raises me up. We are beautiful and worthy in all our manifestations, even those of us drastically different or disfigured.  When you let your heart's beauty show, you let the truth of your soul shine through. Learning to unconditionally love myself opened me to a wellspring of delight, joy and bliss. Accepting and loving this moment, this body, this personality as it is now, unlocks the door to your joy. Embrace all of who you are right now, no holding back. Dive into your heart’s wisdom and let go of your limiting beliefs to shine just as you are!  I would be honored to support you on your journey to self-acceptance and unconditional love.  I look forward to your call! 



How do you feel about your body? 

Can you accept yourself just as you are, right now?

Are you comfortable and fully at ease with all of who your are? 

Can you allow yourself to be worshiped?

The seeds of unconditional love must be planted within.  Delight and acceptance of our bodies creates a rich and fertile soil, rooting us into the very ground of being. I offer a series of safe exercises in a loving and sacred space where you can investigate your body image, deepening your intimacy with yourself as you sow the seeds of self-love.

Expect lots of laughter and some tears as you move closer to accepting the 'what is' of your present moment, opening your heart to the one often excluded, yourself.  Come discover the treasure of wisdom hidden within your body.  Learn to embody your true divinity with grace and ease. 

Unleash the God and Goddess waiting within.

Dive into the Divine

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