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What people are saying

Love so deep only Freedom remains.

Breathe open into Transformation. The inner landscape holds the key. 

  • I'm still in awe of the work I did there last night, a profound change has happened within me. Thanks for offering such amazing space for us all!                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~ MH, All Love evening Student

  • To all in the Mid-Atlantic and those whom might even consider traveling from farther afield, I had the most incredible healing session with the extremely gifted Sherry Tuegel yesterday. She essentially released and pulled eons of trapped stuff out of my body... "stuff" that has been making me sick for too long. I'm still processing this but Sherry's gifts and wonderful sense of humor are a tremendous boon to my healing work. Today I walk taller, and am lighter and the inner rage that was so stuck in me is... gone. Just gone. Stunning. Thank you, Sherry!

~ Mare Cromwell, Internationally recognized Author 

  • Sherry is an engaging, articulate and funny teacher. I like that she's honest when she doesn't know something. What a great class!                                         

                                                                                                                ~TMC, KarmaFest Tantra Student      

  • Sherry Tuegel is an amazing gifted teacher! Her open loving heart and wicked wit add spice and delight to my classes while she deeply supports the All Love energy in the room.  I can depend on her to share the All Love energy and support others as they open to Source.  I highly recommend Sherry as an All Love Teacher/Facilitator.

~ Patrick Zeigler,  Founder All-Love

  • Sherry Tuegel, thank you, beautiful goddess, for the incredible Matrix Energetics work you did on me at the start of last weekend's York, Pennsylvania Celebration of Life Expo with Bill Trivett, and the New Visions crew. Your work, and your beautiful energy created an immediate and tangible shift in my energy and spiritual vibration! I was incredibly busy at my booth literally, from that moment on, and had a wildly successful weekend! I can't wait to attend your All Love event this Friday in Timonium!

~ Titi Sabajene, Esq., Healthcare Attorney & Nutritional Counsel

  • Sherry's ability to create trust and hold space for change is amazing. I recently attended Sherry's All Love workshop, and not having ever met her, I didn't know what to expect. But I immediately felt at home with her, and very loved. The weekend was powerful and very healing for me. I felt very appreciative to be able to be with such a talented facilitator, who held space for each of us to receive, loving each part of us that came up, and gently being able to guide us towards receiving even more love! I love you Sherry!! And I'm so in love with All Love. I think I'm hooked!

~ Dan Eldredge, All Love Weekend Student

  • Sherry made me feel like I belonged.  I could be vulnerable and trust enough to safely surrender and open up. I'm so grateful!

                                                                                                                                                                          ~Tantra Client GC

  • I am on such a high!  I could still feel tingling hours after our session.  You have opened up new things for me and I am deeply grateful.

~ Tantra Client HB

  • You take me to a place I've never been before.  

~Tantra Client  AC