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All Love Evenings with Sherry Tuegel

Second and Fourth Saturdays

March 9th and March 23rd, 2019

April 13th and April 27th, 2019

  7pm to 10pm
Fee: $35
Discounts available upon request.
4 Sturgis Court, Pikesville, Maryland 21208
  Call 410-598-1010 to register.  Doors open at 6:30pm.  Please arrive by 7pm.

Please use the side door under the covered porch to enter.

Souls are gathering for this precious opportunity to dive deeply into your heart, heal the past and connect with the Truth of your Being. All Love, also known as Skhm, Sekhem, Seichim or Seikem is an energy from the Great Pyramid of Giza bought out into the world by Patrick Zeigler. This deeply transformative energy vibrates through all levels of your being; mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. During the workshop your facilitator, Sherry, will hold a sacred safe space for your spiritual light/truth to once more come into your awareness using guided visualization, meditation, sound, and movement. 

The longer you stay in this beautiful energy the deeper it takes you into your heart and soul. The class is experiential and often cathartic, full of heart opening sound, laughter and tears. Check Sherry's Transformation Page on her website at to watch a video of energy in the body from one of Patrick's classes.

Please join us for a full day of heart centered healing and connection with your Truth. This event offers you the possibility of letting go of the things that no longer serve your joy and awakening to your deepest Truth.


Here's what Patrick Zeigler and two students had to say:

"I think Sherry Tuegel is amazing!  Her open loving heart and wicked wit adds spice and delight to my classes while she deeply supports the All Love energy in the room.  I highly recommend Sherry as an All Love Teacher and Facilitator."

~ Patrick Zeigler, Founder All Love SKHM

"The (All Love) weekend was powerful and very healing for me. My heart feels fuller and I'm able to feel love inside me that I've never felt before! This is huge! Meeting each day with a knowingness of my heart, and knowing that it can be a place love can reside is so amazing. I so want to continue the meditations. I'm so so glad to have been introduced to All Love! Thank you Sherry!!!"

-Dan Eldredge, All Love Weekend Student

"It was a wonderful experience and one I hope to repeat again soon. It brought light and peace into my life and so much love. I was unsure about going at first, but am so glad I did. I've had friends telling me how relaxed I am and asking why I'm smiling all the time ever since. All I can say is if you are on the fence about going, just jump off! You will land in a safe and loving place and be glad you went."

- Carole Davis, All Love Weekend Student

If you are ready to dive deep into your heart please join us!
Contact Sherry Tuegel, at 410-598-1010 or email her at to register or request payment assistance.

Here is what the founder has to say about the All Love Class.


Family Constellations Workshop

with Randy Goldberg

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

1pm to 6pm

4 Sturgis Court, Pikesville, MD 21208

Fee: $75

'Get the health, wealth, love, and happiness you want in your life!'

Join us for an afternoon of neo-shamanic ancestral healing. This powerful method employs deep listening to the energetic field to clear blocks and patterns that are unconsciously passed down to us. Uncover deep hidden obstacles that are stopping the flow of love and life force in your life. We observe what organically emerges from the ‘knowing field’.

This soulful work was developed by Bert Hellinger in Germany. It helps to uncover deep hidden obstacles that are stopping the flow of love and life force in your system. It is a way of 3-D mapping your internal issues. Become empowered to get the health, wealth, love, and happiness you want in your life.

"I was honored to be in Randy Goldberg's powerful Family Constellations class in February 2019. I couldn't wait to host him here in Baltimore!" ~Sherry Tuegel

Randy Goldberg LMT is a graduate of the DC Hellinger Institute, and of advanced studies in Family Constellation with Heinz Stark of Germany. He is a former Yoga monk, Craniosacral therapist, and a world renowned-astrologer (both Western and Vedic) interviewed by the Washington Post, NPR, and CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups. More info. at 202-380-6850 or

Check out what another participant said about Randy's class:

Contact Sherry Tuegel at 410-598-1010 or email her at to register.


Shamanic Journey - Release Your Inner Dragon

with Patti Hawse and Cheryl Kilduff

Sunday, March 31, 2019

3pm to 6pm

Fee: $45

Come and enjoy a Spiritual Journey and Healing Experience through this Shamanic Journey (Deep Guided Meditation/Sacred Circle/Sound Healing) FOR RELEASING YOUR INNER DRAGON!
After setting intentions (that what you wish to gain from the journey experience), ALL will be relaxed with drums, crystal singing bowls, rattle, and meditative prompts as we go into a deep relaxed trance-like state where our journey can occur. We will then work on opening and clearing the Chakras, releasing old energy and patterns which no longer serve us, while running healing energy to every cell in our bodies. You will then “journey” to gain insight into questions or issues, relieve stress or pain, resolve old conflicts and relationships that bind you, and HEAL. You will also connect to your Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Beings and Totem Animals that show up for you. Afterward, we will “process” your experiences so they can be taken into your life, forward.
All journeys take on a life of their own and tend to have a group theme or message/growth. Spirit Guides The Process: the wording/prompts, and even the drum and music accompaniment.

Patti Hawse is the Founder of KarmaFest, A Shamanic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Adept in The Modern Mystery School and Swami Inductee. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University and is a Devoted Devotee on The Path. Cheryl Kilduff, known as, Reverend Cheryl, has been a Minister for Universal Life Church for 17 years. She was adopted into a Lakota Tiospaye in 2014, being honored with the Chanupa in 2013. Her love of traveling has given her the opportunity to experience many ways of “being.” Her dedication to Mother Earth and all life forms has her sending out prayers and performing Sacred Ceremony at many occasions. As an event coordinator involved in native and indigenous studies she believes, “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.”

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"Sherry Tuegel  is a great teacher and powerful healer of the emotional body.  She is on the very short list of healers that I trust enough to be vulnerable in front of.  She's not afraid of the shadow or any of the raw emotions we tend to hide from the world and ourselves."  ~ Thomas Mooneagle, Shamanic Practitioner and author of Drumming Down the Runes - Walking the 24 Roads


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Love so deep only Freedom remains.