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Do you want to deepen your intimate connection with your partner? 
Would you like to reignite or intensify your passion? 

Intimacy & Tantra Coaching For Couples

Photo by Jon R Pawlik

Love so deep only Freedom remains.

The first big step in any relationship starts with you knowing and loving you.  Even if you're new to your relationship or hoping to find a partner, Intimacy Coaching can help you navigate the waters of relating to yourself and others with love. 

I would be honored to be your coach and share the joy of deep intimate relating to the Beloved Other.  My hourly fee is $160.  Multiple session discounts are available.  Contact me at 410-598-1010 or at to find out more or schedule an appointment.​

Intimacy/Tantra Coaching can offer you heart centered tools to strip away barriers that prevent true intimacy and passion to flow.  You'll learn to see, hear and connect with each other in new ways as you drop the pretenses and barriers that so easily arise in relationships.   When pretense falls away true depth can emerge.  Are you ready for more?   Are you ready to remove your barriers to a deeper love?

Falling in love is a powerful, delightful and at times harrowing process.  We're off our feet and swept away in the feelings and connection with this new Beloved.  Usually we don't really see our Beloved but see our projection of them.  As time passes reality begins to emerge and the illusion of what we projected falls away.  The spark and intensity settles down and we can be left with a feeling of loss or confusion.  Where did the spark go?  What happened?   These challenges can happen any time in relationship as we loose ourselves in day to day living and raising families.  "Empty nesters" face the challenge and opportunity of the loss of the distraction children offered in their relationship.
These are very challenging times!  The pretense or illusion drops away.  Things get real as our stories and projections change or disappear.   We have so many stories inside our heads that rob us of the raw precious present moment.  We lose ourselves and our loved ones in all these stories.  I can guide you both back to the loving juicy here and now.

As we work together you will:

  • Learn to communicate even the difficult subjects with love and kindness.
  • Discover new ways to see your Beloved and allow them to see more of you.
  • Delight in Tantric Practices that deepen your spiritual connection through sexual pleasure with yourself and your Beloved.​