Divine union can be yours.  I offer you the path of the sacred sexual.  Breathe it in.

I welcome you with an open heart

Find the love and intimacy you seek. Singles and Couples welcome! Love awaits.

Find a freedom so complete all searching ends.

Taste a love so deep you disappear  inside its depths.

I invite you to drop into your heart and go deeper into your journey of self-love and transformation.  My sessions, coaching and classes will help you let go of misery, strengthen your connection to Source and overcome your fears of your own emotions.  I offer you easy ways to become more fully present in your body, opening the doors to more joy and peace in your day to day life.  Are you stuck in limiting beliefs? Would you like to find the freedom you've been chasing?  My heart centered work uses the body as a sacred vessel and messenger to find what blocks your happiness and bliss.  As with all of us, I'm a work in progress. Each day brings new joys, challenges and lessons as I continue my journey to self-love and acceptance.  Moment to moment I let go more deeply into the Bliss of Being. I hope my journey can be of service to you as you evolve along your path.  It would be an honor to work with you and support you in your unfolding into Joy.


Please contact me for more information at sherrytuegel@verizon.net and/or call me at 410-598-1010 between 11am and 7pm EST inside the USA or 1+410-598-1010 on Whatsapp outside the USA to schedule an appointment.  I'd love for you to join my newsletter list below and check out my social media links at the bottom right of each page.  You can read my blog by clicking on the "B" and check out my Body Beloved Facebook page by clicking on the "f"

Here are two of my YouTube videos.  Check my Tantra page for one more video on my All Love and Tantra work.

Thank you for your loving attention.  May your many moments open your heart to more and more joy!

Love and Sweet Blessings!

Change can happen in an instant.  Find your authentic self and transform your life.  Healing awaits.

Classes are offered throughout the year.  Click here for Sherry's Calendar.  

Love so deep only Freedom remains.

Call Sherry At : 410-598-1010